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Automatic Die-cutting Machine


Mold A automatic die-cutting machine is very good to die-cut Hologram Label precisely and fast. It's suitable to die-cut Hologram Labels in roll very precisely by tracing white register mark. It has slitter which can slit big Hologram Label roll into small rolls.

Performance and Characteristics:

1. Automatic anti-deviation when unwinding foil. It can improve precision of unwind to decrease deviation in horizontal direction.
2. Intelligent photoelectricity location position ability. It can locate the right position of white register mark precisely.
3. Computer control technology. It's easily to set parameters for die-cutting according differect speed and size of stickers
4. Rotation ability of dit-cutting mold. It can help to adjust mold position precisely and can die-cut sticker in some special direction.
5. Rewind independently which imporove to rewind the waste film smoothly.
6. Two sets rewinder to help rewind small rolls after slitting smoothly.

Main Parameters:

1. Die cutting width and length: a.200X200mm2         b.300X200mm2
2. Width of foil go through: 340 mm
3. Die-cutting speed: 250 times/min (max)
4. Rigester mark Positioning precision: 0.10mm
5. Precision to rectify a deviation: 0.15 mm
6. Max unwind Diameter: 500mm, Max rewind Diameter: 400mm, Max rewind Diameter for waste film: 350mm
7. Min slitting width: 12mm
8. Thickness of liner: > 65/g glassine liner
9. Power: 220V 2000W
10: Dimension: 450mm*900mm*1400mm
11. Weight: 700Kg



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