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We are dedicated to providing manufacturers and consumers with the highest level security for products, packaging, and documents.

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2D/3D Hologram is made up of multiple two dimensional layers with hologram images visually placed one behind another with visual depth to produce an effect of three-dimensional hologram structure. It has very good visual depth between different layers and shininess on first layer.
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Dot-matrix master, two layers, two color in forground, two color in background.

'VOID' , 'ORIGINAL', 'CANCELED', 'Honey Comb' Pattern Released Tamper Evident Hologram Label

Hologram Samples ---- Pattern Released Hologram 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

'VOID' General Design Hologram Label-made in China. 'ORIGINAL' wall paper design with 'SECURITY'. Dot-matrix circle design zoom in zoom out effect movement. When the sticker is peeled off, it leave 'VOID' letter on paper.

Laser Beam Reveal Hidden Text in Hologram Label

There're two kinds of hologram hidden text or images available for Hologram Label which increase Hologram Label security capability agaist counterfeit strongly. These two kinds of hidden features are made by hologram directly, not other kind overprinting such as UV hidden text and Thermo changing hidden text .

First type of hiddnen text in side Hologram Label is Laser Beam Reveal Hidden Text in Hologram (laser readable hidden text image), which also called laser beam hidden text. This kind of hidden text of image on Hologram Label just can be seen with help of laser pointer (laser reading pen).

Another type hologram hidden text called Mole hidden text which has to see hidden text with help of Decode film. We can read simple text of image once we cover some area of sticker by this piece of Decode film.

Hologram Samples ---- Laser Beam Reveal Hidden Text Hologram Label 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Laser Beam Reveal Hidden Text in hologram can be seen with laser beam. The hidden letter is 'JIH'. When using laser hidden text reader to point to the sticker, you'll see the big letter 'JIH' reflected onto white paper very clearly. hidden text or image feature hologram is invisible to naked eyes in sunshine or normal lighting conditions. hidden text or image just can be seen with sepecial laser pointer (laser reader made in China).

Transparent Serial Number or Image on Hologram Label

Hologram Samples ---- Laser Eengraved Transparent Serial Number or Image 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

2D/3D hologrammaster, two layers, two color in forground, two color in background.

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3D Hologram Label made in China. Chinese Secure 3D Hologram Label. Chinese Holologram Maker.

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